Harmony Rediscovered: The Neuroscience of Sustainability



In "Harmony Rediscovered: The Neuroscience of Sustainability," readers are invited on a journey that bridges the gap between cognitive neuroscience and the pressing global need for sustainable living. Combining the latest research from the field of neuroscience with the principles of eco-conscious behavior, I explain how our brains respond to the environment and how our lifestyle choices impact not only our own well-being but also the health of the planet.

Through a series of thought-provoking chapters, I explore the neurobiological roots of conflict and cooperation, the effects of modern living on brain health, and the benefits of aligning our lives with sustainable practices. Drawing on personal experiences and real-world examples, this book offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that come with striving for harmony in a chaotic and competitive economy.

"Harmony Rediscovered" is a call to action for individuals and societies to reflect on our values and behaviors in the face of ecological crisis. It challenges us to consider the bigger picture, reminding us that our collective efforts can lead to a more sustainable, fair, and flourishing future for all. Engaging, enlightening, and deeply moving, this book is a must-read for anyone passionate about making a positive impact.

Astronomy For Teenagers



I wrote this book because during, my studies of Astronomy at U.C. Berkeley (earning an Sc.D. in the field), most of what was taught involved the discoveries of historical Astronomers; nothing about their private lives. Consequently, you’ll learn about the scientists and their backgrounds.

The scientists in this book are 
only a few of the numerous who have made noteworthy contributions to the fields of astronomy, physics, cosmology, astrophysics, and so on. I hope that after reading the personal stories of these scientists, you will gain a burning desire to discover more about the countless other scientists and their contributions to the aforementioned fields. Perhaps, you will be the next great contributor to these fields, or at least, you’ll look up to the night sky and say what I said as a toddler: “I wonder what else is up there that I cannot see?

Together : A Guide to Building a Lasting and Healthy Marriage



Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Marriage with "Building Love That Lasts: A Couple's Guide to a Healthy Marriage"

Discover the ultimate roadmap to a successful and fulfilling partnership with practical advice, proven techniques, and heartfelt wisdom across key areas of relationship building.

- Lay the foundation for a strong union with shared values and beliefs
- Speak your partner's love language fluently for enduring love
- Master the art of communication and conflict resolution for stronger bonds
- Navigate finances together and align your goals for a prosperous future
- Achieve a work-life balance that supports both of your dreams
- Rekindle the flame of passion with date night ideas and tips for maintaining intimacy
- Set and achieve mutual goals for a fulfilling future
- Prioritize health and wellness for a vibrant and happy relationship
- Equip yourselves to face challenges together and remain a united front
- Explore the joys and challenges of parenthood and maintain a strong relationship
- Infuse your relationship with excitement, adventure, and meaningful traditions
- Find harmony in compromise without losing your individuality
- Buy now and unlock a lifetime of happiness and mutual growth with "Building Love That Lasts."

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease



"Understanding Alzheimer's Disease" presents an empathetic yet comprehensive exploration of Alzheimer’s disease, designed for caregivers, family members, and anyone seeking to understand this complex condition. With expert insights, the book delves into the biological underpinnings, progression stages, and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, providing readers with a solid grounding in the science behind the disease.

More than just a medical overview, it offers a lifeline to those navigating the practical realities of Alzheimer's care. It details strategies for managing day-to-day challenges, advice on legal and financial planning, and discusses the importance of emotional support for both patients and caregivers.

The book also examines the latest in treatment advances and research, offering hope and guidance for the future. Throughout, personal stories and case studies illustrate the impact of Alzheimer's on individuals and families, making the book a relatable and valuable resource for those affected by the disease.

Editorial Review for The Role of Tickling in Women's Lives: An International Study



Editorial Review for The Role of Tickling in Women's Lives: An International Study

Let's dive into this intriguing piece, The Role of Tickling in Women's Lives: An International Study by Duncan Taub PhD. Taub conducted four years of extensive research, gathering over 2,000 women's experiences of tickling from across the world and documenting those findings in his book. What he revealed was truly fascinating - including when, why and how tickling affects their lives. Although this topic might seem innocuous at first, Taub shows us otherwise; his book illuminates its significance within society as a whole.

Taub has you covered if you don't consider yourself an expert scientist or researcher; his book's written in an approachable style that makes it easy to engage. You'll find yourself turning pages, nodding along, and perhaps even laughing out loud at some of his insights - something perfect for sharing at parties while providing enough material that makes you go, "Wow! Never thought about that before!"

Taub does a fantastic job of dispelling misconceptions and getting to the core of tickling's role in evolution and social interaction, showing its longstanding presence across human history. Tickling isn't some random act we do - there's a purposeful meaning behind every tickle we give!

The Role of Tickling in the Lives of Women isn't just another book; it's an experience. From conversation starter to mind-opener and tickle to curiosity - this book has something for everyone. So give it a read now; it might just change how you view tickling's role in our daily lives!




This resource comprises seven chapters, each exploring different facets of Sanatan Dharm, with reflection weeks in Chapter 3 and Chapter 6.

Immerse yourself in Interactive Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) within each chapter. You should carefully tick the correct answers to reinforce your understanding. This interactive approach makes learning dynamic and engaging.
Chapters 3 and 6 offer dedicated reflection weeks. Use this time actively to revisit and solidify your knowledge. Make connections between concepts, ensuring a deeper understanding of Sanatan Dharm.

Editorial Review for Motivated Mastermind



Editorial Review for Motivated Mastermind

Johnny Shaheed Miller's Motivated Mastermind is truly groundbreaking in terms of motivational literature. Imagine getting an inspirational pep talk that stays with you beyond its initial impact; that is this book, in a nutshell!

Johnny isn't just a mere talker; he is an accomplished motivational speaker, war veteran, entrepreneur and multiple Guinness World Record holder who's shared insights into motivation in his book - so you should definitely pay attention when he shares insights. Plus, his book offers actionable advice that you can put into practice immediately!

It features twelve chapters, each delving deeper into an aspect of motivation. From channeling your inner warrior, practicing patience, or mastering strategy; Johnny offers something for everyone here. Plus, with wisdom from other big names in addition to his own experiences he provides us with a comprehensive perspective of what it takes to reach our goals!

Motivated Mastermind caught my eye for many reasons, one being how it goes beyond simply reaching success or accomplishing goals. Johnny speaks about developing character, discovering who you are, and realizing your potential. Not only is the book engaging; its message stays with you long after finishing every page - it challenges you to think differently and act with purpose.

Johnny doesn't just put on a solo performance - he always takes time out of his show to acknowledge those who've helped him along his journey, adding an air of humility and appreciation.

Motivated Mastermind is an outstanding motivational book written by Johnny Shaheed Miller that gives readers tools they need to not only dream big, but act big too. Johnny weaves together inspiration with practical wisdom in an approachable yet captivating style; why not give it a read today - who knows - it may just give your motivation an unexpected boost!

The Whistle Blower Handbook Series (Author Interview)




What inspired you to write Selah and share your story with the world?

At first writing Selah was a sort of therapeutic exercise. As many people can imagine, going through workplace “drama” in and of itself can be anxiety-inducing, so to go the route of becoming a full-blown whistleblower was traumatic to say the least.

I started writing Selah maybe 2-3 months into the process and the words just flowed. Every intricate emotion, every detail… writing the book helped me reduce my stress, helped me sleep at night and even helped me to remember small pieces of information as I reported things to investigators.

I think it’s also important to share that there were several versions of Selah. The first version was very angry, vengeful and frankly over the top. Then maybe a few weeks after writing a particular chapter, I’d re-write it into something closer to its final version that had more of a autobiographical feel. Then in the final writing phase, I decided that I wanted to not just tell the story but share what happened in a way that would support and /or prepare others like me. That’s when the “Whistleblower Handbook” concept was born.


How did you navigate the risks of revealing political greed without disclosing specific names and organizations?

Well… technically I had to first learn the hard way. You see, although the book itself didn’t mention names or organizations, I definitely called out people by name in a few interviews I did as everything was unfolding. At one point in time, the Board of Directors that I was initially at odds with was removed from their positions, by their own official votes no less. What sparked my initial fiery response was because that group of people deleted official Board minutes as well as a recorded Zoom meeting where they took an official Board vote removing themselves from their roles in response to the evidence I brought against them. After getting rid of the proof of their removal, they “fired me”.

I share all that to say, I did a number of interviews after the “firing” to let the community know what was going on and I named names. The interview I’m mentioning is actually still available on Spotify from the radio station that hosted it. It’s quite entertaining but it also got me sued.

As I said, there were several versions of Selah and I imagine while I was being sued, that was when I decided to integrate the idea of switching out real names for the names of chess pieces.

Editorial Review for A Journey To Financial Freedom: Transforming Marketable Skills into Financial Independence



Editorial Review for A Journey To Financial Freedom: Transforming Marketable Skills into Financial Independence

Dancho Dimkov's book A Journey To Financial Freedom: Transforming Marketable Skills into Financial Independence takes us on an engaging journey from skill development to entrepreneurial success and financial independence. Not only is this book filled with Dimkov's own experience but also provides actionable advice that anyone looking for financial independence may use in order to follow in his footsteps.

Dimkov outlines the importance of finding skills others are willing to pay for, honing those abilities through freelancing, and building your expertise. However, Dimkov continues his discussion into the entrepreneurial journey by acknowledging its inevitable ups and downs when starting and expanding a business.

What sets this book apart is its combination of personal narrative and practical strategy. Dimkov's guide covers not only starting a business but growing it independently as well. His introduction of creating consulting frameworks and digital solutions are indispensable tools for reaching financial independence today.

But A Journey To Financial Freedom goes beyond simply offering success blueprints; it serves as an eye-opener. The book prepares readers for both the joys and difficulties associated with being an entrepreneur while providing key insights into running a successful business. Growth isn't measured solely in terms of business size but also through personal development and skill enhancement.

Dimkov's message is clear: Financial freedom can be achieved for anyone willing to invest in themselves, take calculated risks and build their business with strong foundations. No matter if you are starting as a freelancer or are an aspiring entrepreneur; this book might just provide the guidance you need on your path toward financial independence. While it does tell a compelling tale; its story could well become your strategy!

The Noble Dream of Being an Artist: Hidden Faces of Art



Imagine a book that gives voice to silenced artists and rescues their stories from oblivion.

In this moving compendium, the stories of 52 women artists from the past are shed light with poems inspired by their lives and artistic careers. Furthermore, the book is a literary treasure that houses a captivating collection of portraits and works by prominent and talented contemporary artists; all of them inspired by the artists to whom we pay tribute.

The Noble Dream of Being an Artist: Hidden Faces of Art is a cry of resistance, a challenge to tear down the walls of invisibility and a reflection on the importance of inclusion and equality in the art world.