Before You Flip (Author Interview)

Before You Flip is a realistic look at the house flipping market.  Can you tell us a little about why you wrote the book?
After experiencing some challenges with my first house flipping; after witnessing other new investors getting in financial traps; after watching the abuse, wrong doing, and maltreatment reigning in the real estate investing world, I felt obligated to share first hand experiences and lessons learned. The goal is to create awareness and to add value to anyone who wants to know the downside of real estate investing especially in an environment that shows the good side to lure people in.

How long did it take you to write Before You Flip?
It took me about ninety days to write this book.

Why did you decide to become a writer?
I always have a passion for writing. I think sharing stories in writing is one of the most powerful ways to reach a large audience and make a longer impact. We all know “spoken words fly away, but written words remain.”  Ultimately, I want to provide tools and resources valuable to the success of others.

How did you come up with the concepts and ideas to share in Before You Flip?
The concepts came directly from real life experiences. It was a matter of listening to each investor and bring to life their griefs, disappointments, nightmares through the book.

What was the most challenging issue that came up when writing Before You Flip?
The main issue was to translate the investors’ feelings into words without altering their stories. Most of them were indescribable. I wanted to make it easy for the readers to feel their pain and be in their shoes for a moment. I wanted to transport the readers from their world to the investors’ world. The word choice was challenging.

What do you like to do when not writing?
When I am not writing, I am thinking about the next subject to write about. I like to observe my surroundings and examine their behaviors.  I also speak and coach others to reach their full potentials.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
They can find my work on amazon. I am also available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Mission Driven Hospital (Author Interview)

The Mission Driven Hospital looks like a fantastic hospital leadership guide.  Who is your target market for the book?
The Mission Driven Hospital book is targeted for CEOs and their executive teams (as well as Boards of Directors) of healthcare organizations in general.

The fact that the title focuses on “hospitals” is because the research quoted in the book is based on a massive data set that I acquired on the ‘strategic practices’ of 496 hospitals, and especially their approach to executing their strategies. But the lessons contained in the book can apply to any healthcare organization such as nursing homes, acute care facilities and medical/dental/chiropractic/physiotherapy etc. clinics.

There’s also a special chapter dedicated to examining the differences between faith-based versus secular hospitals called: “Who does it best?”

The book is endorsed by: The Ontario Hospital Association and numerous individual healthcare CEOs.

What is your mission with The Mission Driven Hospital, what do you hope to accomplish?

My mission is to make mission statements come alive in their organizations rather than just being the nice sounding, but meaningless platitudes with which they are usually regarded.

It’s actually a sad state of affairs.

Mission statements are the #1 ‘management tool’ in use globally. Almost every organization in the world has a mission statement. Healthcare organizations are no exception. In fact, the existence and quality of a mission statement is typically a key component in the evaluation criteria used during a hospital’s formal accreditation - or reaccreditation - process. Moreover, mission statements are considered by most strategy textbooks as the key starting point in any strategic planning exercise.

But despite their widespread use, mission statements remain one of the least understood, least respected and most despised management tools in the world among workers and managers at all levels [even, surprisingly often, in the executive suite].

My mission with the book is to have hospital/healthcare administrators and their boards acquire the respect for mission statements that most intelligent, well-educated executives say they deserve. When created and ‘deployed wisely’, my research demonstrates that a mission statement can be the cornerstone management tool for attracting and retaining the loyalty of an organization’s most critical stakeholders: patients/customers, employees, owners/funders and the communities within which the organization operates.

I show readers how to capture the elusive ‘mission mystique’ and avoid the most common ‘mission mistakes’. I show them how to make their mission statement’s alleged value become real and useful to their workforce so that it is embraced by each employee, thus improving individual job satisfaction and, of course, better hospital performance.

Willing. Available. Ready. (Author Interview)

‘Willing. Available. Ready.’ looks like a great self-help book.  Can you tell us a little about the book and who it’s for?

Yes, indeed, it is a self-help book that comes with proven experiences that can help people to overcome their fears to achieve their full potential in whatever they are doing or want to do in life. The book is definitely a wake-up call, a thought-provoking step by step guide aimed at everyone who has (or had) struggled to find a way out of troubles, recurring problems or just in their life. Though I would say the book is mainly for Christians because of the biblical references that are used, a great part of the book addresses everyone who is looking for answers to achieve a goal, because the number one blockage in each person, irrespective of their belief or background, is not external… it is the fear that is instilled to us from childhood. There is no age to feel the fear to do something that is important to us. Everybody, at some point in life either turns around, not knowing what to do… and the book actually teaches people that when nothing seems to work (which is the title of chapter 5), then stop everything. Most of the time, people have a counteraction, trying to force things to work. The book tells us not only why we should stop and what we should do instead. And this is not something only Christians need to know. The book also speaks about keys to success… but not as wealth-sellers do, but in a way that brings everyone to reflect on what they have been doing with what they already have. Sometimes, the keys to success are much closer than we think, unless we know how to locate the keys, discern that those keys are exactly what we need, many doors can remain shut, leading to unfulfilled and frustrated lives. This is a book to make every reader reflect on what they have been doing… and thus through biblical examples that worked, find solutions to their own problems.

How did you come up with the concepts in ‘Willing. Available. Ready.’?  
This concept came as I took time to observe the young people in our church. Many people live as if they have no purpose. I saw many of them trying different things and they kept failing. So, I concluded that they were willing to see a change or see something happening... a breakthrough, success… anything that could bring real meaning to their lives. So, the problem was not about their willingness to achieve their goals. However, how many of them showed they were available to pay the price for it? The same, our society has become to contented that it is difficult for people to receive! Are we always ready for the things we dream for? Many people would say they are. Well, the book can challenge us to see how unavailable are unprepared we are to get what we want in life.

The book is not there to just prepare a book for people to eat. No, it is purposely constructed to bring each reader to reflect and wonder: Ok, I want to do this or that… but as I keep reading it looks like I have not been available for it, so how can I ever achieve my goal? It looks like I am not even ready for it… so it this goal is achieved today, how will I be able to manage it. I have seen young people getting a job after many years of joblessness, but they ended up losing the job because they kept going to work late. It is simple: they were not ready for what they wanted!

How to Crush Federal Resumes: The Things That Federal Insiders Don't Want You to Know That Will Get You Hired (Top Secret Tips)

If You Want To Land A Federal Job Easily... Make Sure Your Resume Follows These Guidelines!

Do you keep applying to federal jobs but keep getting rejected?
In fact, a lot of people do.
More than three quarters of candidates applying for federal jobs never make it to the final stages of the hiring process.
But what can you do to land among the chosen few who get their dream jobs?
The answer is both very simple and somewhat daunting.
Write an irresistible resume that will impress every HR specialist who sees it.

However, just googling "resume writing tips" won't cut it.
Federal resumes are very different from the resumes typically written for private sector jobs. If you submit a typical business resume to a federal job, the recruiter won't even bother reading it.

This is why you need a reliable source of information and top secret insider knowledge - such as this book.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why you should ditch most resume-writing tips that focus on business resumes
  • How to analyze federal job announcements and read between the lines
  • How to make your skills and work experience really stand out
  • How to avoid the typical mistakes that make most resumes look unprofessional
  • How to write a cover letter that truly highlights your awesomeness
  • And much more!

You'll find lots of practical examples and worksheets that will help you write an impressive resume even if you're a new graduate, a senior student, or if you have gaps in your work history. No matter if you're writing your very first resume for a federal job or if you're a seasoned job hunter, you'll find a wealth of valuable advice and insider tips that will greatly boost your chances of getting your dream job.

How Can I Increase the Value of My Business?: Turn Your Business Valuation into a Value-Building Blueprint



Richard Mowrey, Author of #1 bestselling book, When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?, shows business owners how to create a value-building blueprint in his newest book to be released on Amazon. The information inside this book lays out how business owners can take meaningful, stress-free steps toward financial freedom as well as how to more effectively achieve business success.

Given that 80% of most business owners’ wealth is in their business, an early focus on value measurement and enhancement can make a tremendous difference. How Can I Increase the Value of My Business? was specifically written to help both business owners and their advisors discover exactly what impacts a business’s value…and how to consistently increase value over time. The reader is offered a time-tested approach that answers questions about how to increase business value to fill any retirement value gap that may currently exist.
Whether a business owner is looking to attract investors, sell their company, or to retire in style … maximizing the value of their business should be at the heart of all operational and long-term strategic planning. Every business owner can expect a great return on the time they invest in learning all they can from the easy to read book. The materials and key points are provided at the right depth in a very straightforward, useful format.   
The actions outlined in the book should not be delayed. 
It is always good to remember that the dates  in your business life are much closer than you think!

This book will allow owners to adopt a mindset, so that they can break away from the pull of daily business issues and take the strategic actions that can have the most significant impact. It also benefits business owners and their families by immeasurably helping them gain momentum toward better estate and financial planning. For most busy business owners, these two tasks are all too easy to defer at great personal and family risk.
One of many comments on the new book from industry experts“Richard Mowrey has done it again. He has taken complex ideas and turned them into a roadmap to maximize the value of a business.”    DENISE LOGAN, Author of A Seller’s Journey
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How to be a Success Champion (Author Interview)

How to be a Success Champion looks like a great motivational and take-charge kind of book for new business owners or people thinking of starting a business.  What type of tips do you provide in the book?
In How to be a Success Champion you’ll hear Donnie Boivin’s story intermingled with lessons learned from his mistakes and failures. You’ll hear the advice he got from expert mentors and how he went from zero to a six-figure business. He’ll walk you through the steps of how to: 
·         Get out of your own damn way
·         Play the game of business and win
·         Find your strengths
·         Network effectively
·         Build a personal brand
·         Create champions for your business
·         Get great at sales
·         Take complete ownership of you and your busines

What inspired you when writing How to be a Success Champion?   

My dad handed me a book when I was 14 years old, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. That book introduced me to the world of self help. I spent years learning about who I was and what made me work. When I launched my business, I knew I was going to document the journey. The good stuff, the bad stuff and the teachable moments. I wanted others to learn through my journey. It’s sharing this story in its raw form and  helping businesses that has inspired everything I do.

Why did you decide to become a writer?

Writing is something I’ve struggled with for years. I was the kid teachers didn’t want back in high school so I didn’t learn all the grammar and stuff. This book was a challenge but so many asked for it. Everything I have learned about being successful in business has come from doing the things that scare me. When fear pops up, it’s the universe saying go in that direction.

Thriller Betrayal (Press Release)

Mocienne Petit Jackson Discusses New Book Trilogy on Being the
Daughter of Michael Jackson
Contrary to the implication that has been drawn by members of the international press, the L.A. County Superior Court did not reject the case of Mocienne Petit Jackson in 2010 on the grounds of the case’s validity. Instead, the request to validate Ms Jackson’s claim using DNA evidence from the deceased Michael Jackson was not granted due to the fact that the State of California does not possess the jurisdiction to conduct DNA tests on the deceased. As a result, the case has remained open indefinitely. 
The Court did not rule it as being impossible, therefore, that Michael Jackson is the father of Mocienne Petit Jackson—merely that it is impossible to determine through legal means.

Ms Jackson filed documents to the probate court in July 2010 in order to validate the fact that the late pop star Michael Jackson is indeed her father and thus to claim an inheritance.
She asserts that the stories which had been published in late-2010 in light of the case have had a damaging effect on her reputation and on her business operations, and she expresses her belief that some measure of responsibility ought to be taken for the detrimental effects that being in the media spotlight can have on one’s repute. Ms Jackson also points out that the role of social media runs in a similar vein—alleging that it was used as a means to verbally harass her in relation to the court case, as well as to spread misinformation more generally.
Ms Jackson believes that such misinformation has poorly informed the public both about her relationship to Michael Jackson, and about her motives for having taken the matter to court. Her autobiographical series, Thriller, documents her life and gives her assessment on the state of affairs. 
According to this assessment, a majority of press coverage on the subject has been misleading. For example, before the death of her father in June 2009, Michael Jackson had spent eight months living in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam in order to be nearer to his then nine-year-old grandson. Furthermore, Ms Jackson’s mother Barbara Jane Ross, sister of the musician Diana Ross, is alleged to have lied about ever having met Michael Jackson while speaking in an interview on the Dutch television programme RTL Boulevard. Ms Jackson therefore believes—due to these two factors not having featured in press reports—that the media has treated the story in an unbalanced manner.
Additionally, due to the fact that her aunt Diana Ross has declined to provide the press with comment regarding Michael Jackson since his death, Ms Jackson believes that crucial insights about the story are being concealed from the public.

Phish Protection (Author Interview)

Phish Protection looks like a helpful book. What will readers come away with after reading it?

This short guide talks about the dangers of hackers getting into your computer systems or hijacking your accounts and digital life through what is called “phishing”. This can be done through malicious email attacks.
Once they are in your system they are able to hold your data as ransom and only give you access if you pay them a ransom. This is called “ransomware” and there are other things they hackers can also do through phishing such as hijacking your access to private websites, social profiles, your bank accounts etc.

What is your background and how did you come up with the steps and ideas in Phish Protection ebook?
This book educates users on things they can follow and implement to avoid phishing attacks.
After reading this book readers will know what basic things to follow to avoid such attacks. The ebook talks about “best practices” readers can simply follow.

When writing Phish Protection did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
We always wanted to educate newbies who are unaware of the dangers in the digital space and how hackers use deceptive means to break into their systems and accounts.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
Please download the ebook titled -
Phishing Protection Best Practices - Ebook Guide for Businesses by PhishProtection

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Wings (Author Interview)

Wings looks like a great debut collection of poems. Can you tell us a little about the four main sections of the book?

Thanks so much for those kind words! Wings is divided into four sections, each representing a different phase in life.

The Uninitiated covers themes such chasing dreams, seeking love and the high life, while the Maimed deals with grief, pain, and heartbreak. The Thinker captures reflections and rationalizations, and the Enlightened encapsulates finding true love and meaning in life. These phases are a chronological representation of what I experienced growing up as a young man drawn to the glittering offerings of the high life.

It was great fun in the beginning, however after burning the candle on both ends with work and partying, I got burnt out in the process. I also got to experience the darker side of corporate life with the politics and the endless games. On a personal level, I experienced numerous turmoils, all of which is covered in the Uninitiated part of the book.

This led to a low point in my life where everything around me that I had worked hard to build began to collapse, these feelings were very raw and is covered in the Maimed part of the book. After reaching perhaps the lowest part of my life, I began to seek understanding and rationalizing why these events and feelings were occurring. The Thinker embodies these reflections.

The Enlightened section of the book encapsulates the answers to what I was seeking and the general sense of emptiness that we feel when we truly don’t understand our sense of purpose and more importantly ourselves.

Why did you choose the title Wings and what can you tell us about all the illustrations?        

As the book is divided into four parts, it is very much based on the analogy of a butterfly’s life. The Uninitiated is illustrated as butterflies being drawn to a bright light, which represents the glittering wonders of the high life. The Maimed is based on analogy for getting too close to the flame and getting hurt and is illustrated as a butterfly with burnt wings. While the Thinker is the rationalization phase and is depicted as a cocoon. The final section is the Enlightened, this is illustrated as a butterfly in free flight after emerging from the cocoon.

Although, you could argue that Butterflies are diurnal creatures of the day and they would not be attracted to the flame, which would be a great observation on the reader’s part!

Butterflies are majestic creatures that represent so much beauty and calmness as the float seamlessly through the air. I chose the Butterfly to represent us as human beings with such unrealized beauty as we pass through our journey in this world, which is why I chose the title Wings!

Each of the poems in the book is illustrated to capture the essence of the prose and to bring the words to life.

Purpose: How Decisions in Life are Changing Leadership Journeys   

It is time for change, we all agree. We are often faced with making difficult decisions in life and business: having to choose the right path for greater impact, influence and positive transformation. Purpose is the answer. The topic of purpose in our exponential and digital world is in high demand today. We strongly believe it is very personal and unique. Purpose is both, a personal North Star and compass as well as an essential guide for businesses driving for success for all stakeholders. To become the kind of leaders we so urgently need, we first must look within ourselves, explore, heal and transform ourselves, to then change the outside world for the greater good. 22 authentic and bold stories are here to inspire you to look deeper and find your path to living a life with purpose. These 22 authors, connected by the Oxford Leadership network, have made this purposeful journey themselves and have carried that experience into their work with thousands of leaders around the globe. Oxford Leadership is a global cooperative leadership consultancy that has been committed to transforming leaders of Fortune 500 companies for good for over 20 years. We now invite you to join us on the same tangible and exciting journey. To live a more purposeful life is the key to thriving personally. It furthermore has the power to transform leadership and business into a force for the greater good and for a healthier planet. Curated by Eve Simon